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History of Keno Games

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The real history of keno is hidden in mystery, though virtually all historians agree that the game initially started in China. History states that the Keno game was initially designed as a means for government authorities to fund the defence of an ancient city during the time of war. This was done because citizens were more willing to accept a gambling game than taxes. Those same fables claim that Keno games helped fund the Great Wall of China.

However, the modern Keno games date back no earlier than the middle of the 19th Century. Portuguese authorities in Macau began licensing the Keno games in 1847 when their groups played the game using 80 traditional Chinese icons. When immigrants from China started coming to the United States of America, they shared the game with their citizens. The Americans then started to develop their own Keno game. The name “keno” was used for the first time for such drawings, actually came from Houston, Texas.

Today, Keno games can be found in almost every major casino, which is considered a game that can be played without much thought, to win huge prizes. With the advancement of online casinos, online Keno has also become a popular inclusion at gambling sites. These versions often offer players better odds and faster actions than their live counterparts.

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