Responsible Policy

Responsible Policy

CosmoSlots Responsible Policy

Responsible Social Casino Gaming

Online social gaming with casino-like themes is one of the fastest-growing segments in the gaming industry today. It is also the reason why a lot of people choose to play reels, fish games, and sweeps as a routine form of entertainment. Promoting responsible social gaming is a core value of Cosmo Slots. According to the  National Center for Responsible Gaming, approximately one percent of the adult population in the United States have a severe problem with managing their money and time when playing reels and sweeps games at social casinos online or at brick-and-mortar gaming sites. Players with online gaming problems often have the same risk factors that predispose individuals to other addictive behaviors. Current research does not, however, substantiate that any single type of game is risker to play than other mechanical or table games. Nonetheless, without responsible social casino gaming, obsessive play can lead to feelings of despondency and helplessness where the player is no longer having fun. Joining a Cosmo Slots gaming community should be all about having fun.

Enjoy Cosmo Slots and Have Fun
At Cosmo Slots, our goal is to offer members of our gaming community an online source of entertainment that allows players of legal age to enjoy a safe and secure online gaming environment. Moreover, we have painstakingly developed game modules to be fully compliant in meeting the strict requirements set forth by regulating agencies, as well as internal rules and criteria established for promoting our products on social media platforms. It is important to understand the graphical and interactive nature of our
online games are intended to capture a gamer’s attention and keep them entertained for hours of recreational fun. Even though you can access our online games whenever and wherever you choose to play, it is essential to remember Cosmo Slots gaming platform should not be used for endless hours of mindless play. Anytime you are playing our fishgames, reels, or sweeps and it stops being fun, stop play and take a break.

Set Limits for Better Daily Control

As is the case with other casino-themed games, our online fish games, reels, slots, and sweeps are free-to-play but do include ways in which the player can spend money to extend the play. Like all types of social gaming, Cosmo Slots creations encourage lengthy play to provide numerous hours of entertainment and fun. However, it is our goal to encourage all members of our gaming community to make safe choices by avoiding irresponsible or unsafe practices. If you have a predetermined budget for your daily investment of time and money, it will make it much easier to control your online gameplay. Conversely, if you insist on playing until you lose all of your game currency, you are mathematically guaranteed to lose all of your coins before you stop playing. Consider setting the timer on your smartphone to maintain a true sense of time as well as to serve as a reminder of how long you’ve been playing. Use built-in reality checks to help ensure you are responsibly gaming at our social casino.

Take Control of Time Spent Gaming

Online gaming is a perfect way to treat yourself when you have time to kill. That’s why we created one of the most flexible platforms available for today’s gaming community. Although playing fish games, reels, and sweeps can be loads of fun, you should never use playing time as a coping mechanism to ease emotional distress, such as mental depression or anger. In addition, playing while under the influence can lead to poor time management and abandoned betting strategies. Best practice is to consider your online gaming time to be a treat for getting other important tasks completed each day.

Responsible gaming

does not involve skipping work, avoiding social time with friends, failing to interact with loved ones, or giving in to your compulsive behaviors. It is important to remember that social casino gaming is only intended for entertainment, so when it stops being fun, you should stop playing. If not, you could be setting yourself up to experience negative personal and financial consequences.

How to Track Your Online Expenditures

Responsible social casino gaming can be a lot of fun and a self-medicating distraction that provides temporary relief from boredom throughout your day. Nonetheless, taking control of your gaming time is a simple and easy way to manage your online spending, especially when participating in sweeps, reels, and contests. Social casino gaming products are generally considered to be safe and only become harmful when players are self-driven to consume too much of them. Each time you play, keeping a record of how many tokens you purchased, how many coins you lost, and how many prizes you won will keep you aware of the total amount of money you are actually spending. Employing internal financial controls to help track your online expenditures for coins and credits creates an important safety measure to help you avoid over-consumption. If you stick to best practices and consider our fish games, reels, and sweeps to be a fun way to entertain yourself, you can avoid any life-ruining setbacks.

Never Spend Money When You Can’t Afford It

Social casino gaming can stimulate the area of your brain that triggers your internalreward system, and when abused, it can lead to addictive behaviors. Excessive spending when playing fast-paced games is a common sign that you may be experiencing difficulty in controlling your online gameplay. If you start to deplete savings or accumulate debt, you may have a problem with compulsive online social gaming. For the small percentage of gamers who might experience such negative outcomes, it is critical that he or she does not suffer in silence. If you know that you have a problem managing the time and money you are investing in online fun, there are numerous websites that offer professional help and advice for today’s gamers through

public education and outreach

. Most of these are non-profit organizations that provide free and confidential services for helping gamers and family members deal with an individual’s over zealous online play. After all, responsible social gaming always comes down to the individual, and restoring a positive mindset can be crucial for learning how to better budget your time, money, and fun.



The National Council on Problem Gambling

operates the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network


The network is a nationwide access point to local resources for those seeking
help for a gaming addiction problem.